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Address: 610035, Kirov, Popov St., 12
Phone: (8332) 44-16-79, 63-30-44
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Organization of hunting tours over 2016/17

Ltd «Kirovohota» has in possession hunting lands in one of the most interesting place in Russia — the land of Vyatka. Total area of hunting lands is 1, 5 million hectares. We provide transferring to a hunting site by motor transport. We have qualified game keepers and game managers, cross-country transport, all that allows you good hunting for different game.

            Client services are the following:

  • meeting at a local airport or a railway station, transferring to a hunting site,
  • traveling by vehicles during hunting (off-road vehicles UAZ,”Niva”,snowmobiles),
  • providing with 1-2 game keepers, hunting dogs,
  • basic preparing of trophies, preparing for transporting.
  • General position: in case of wounding an animal (blood, wool), without having possibilities to get it during next 24 hours, a hunter is to pay 50% of  trophy cost and 100% of  service cost. In case of a miss, firing a smooth-bore gun in good VFR conditions up to 40 m and firing a rifled-barrel gun in good VFR conditions up to 150 m or refusing to shoot, a hunter is to pay 25% of a trophy cost.
  • Delivering trophies to Moscow (moose, bear, wolf, lynx) costs € 300 per travel.
  •  Attendant (not a hunter) pays 70% of accommodation cost and cost of hunter services.
  • Wounding a bear or a moose in the roaring, without having possibilities to get the game is to be paid 100% of trophy cost and 100% of service cost. The hunting permit will be stopped.

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